Five Years.

From FB:

It’s surreal the way time seemingly passes in a vacuum. Five years ago today, I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction at INOVA Fairfax under BS Dr. Cocilovo and PS Dr. Nahabedian. If faced with the same decision to make today, given today’s research about DCIS and “preventative” mastectomy efficacy, (not to mention post-mastectomy damage and pain!) I would not have chosen to do things in the same way. Thankfully, in 11 days, I get to take advantage of five years of innovation and research to hopefully correct some of the damage done by the initial surgery.

I’m so very thankful for science and modern medicine that will give me the opportunities that my dearly departed family members never had. I’m also thankful for the continual support and love shown by my family and friends. It has been a long five years, but I’m grateful for every single day.