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Switching Hospitals

Don’t ask me to go into the insurance drama, but let’s just say that University of Maryland didn’t feel it was necessary to tell me that they are now “out of network” under my work’s insurance plan.

Their response: “Oh, but you’ve got 80/20 coverage out of network, so that’s great!Fuck you. I’ve got over $6K in medical bills (most of them from YOU) and you want me to pay 20% of an ultrasound? A biopsy? Possibly a surgery? Are you fucking kidding me?

So… I’m switching. I will officially be a patient of INOVA. I am seeing Dr. Constanza Cocilova (whose nurse has assured me that she will review all my path reports BEFORE recommending an invasive lumpectomy), and I feel a little more at ease. My anxiety about this lump grows daily based on the reaction at UMD when the radiologist did the follow-up ultrasound on 12/28, but at the same time, I feel relieved to have a doctor just 5 minutes away. Don’t get me wrong, I’m apprehensive to switch from an environment I’ve known for the last 4 years (and one that is much more convenient for my Mom) but ultimately, this is better. Much better.

*This post was edited to be made public on 2/23/12*

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