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Getting Ready… 28 days!

My parents are saints because they’ve been dealing with my “I NEED THE LEACHCO BODY PILLOW” rants and my repeated requests for things like Dr. Pepper Chapstick, but here’s my list so far (for home and the hospital) – you tell me what I’m forgetting.

Already Have:

  • Two sets of silky front-button stretchy pajamas (GOODWILL!)
  • A silky robe to put over stuff at the hospital to make it easier to slide out of bed
  • Two sweatshirts with inside pockets to hold drains
  • A ZILLION tank tops that I can just pull up
  • Button down comfy shirts and dress shirts
  • Sweatpants of all colors shapes and sizes (I wish I could start wearing them now!)
  • Dr. Pepper Chapstick (about 5!)
  • Some dry shampoo from a dear friend
  • Netflix and Cable and zillions of books
  • Front closure bras of all shapes and sizes
  • Shower chair from my brother who JUST got over a really bad leg break

The rest is on my Amazon wishlist (my parents don’t quite get the concept so they may have already bought things…I know I will get all of these things, though – eventually):

What am I forgetting ladies?

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