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Happy Birthday, Joycie

I am feeling all of this love and support from family and friends alike today… and, as I was just reminded,  on what would have been Joycie’s 67th birthday. There can be no coincidence there, my dearest guardian angel — I’m so sorry you didn’t get the chance to make the choice I’m making, but thank you for your inspiration. I miss you every day. Every. Day. It is for you that I endure this pain and this sacrifice-so that I may continue to sing with your voice for your sisters.

I thank you (and Deborah Bridget of course) for guiding me to this path of prevention and allowing me to get ahead of (most) the suffering and pain you endured. You were one of the most important people to help develop my life into a *whole* entity and and I’m forever grateful for all the lessons that you taught me… may they be musical, religious, spiritual, comical or otherwise. I hope you’re partying with your Mom, Dad, brothers and sister up there … don’t light the cake on fire!

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