Rough Seas Ahead

I feel pretty abandoned these days.

  • Boyfriend left (said he “just wasn’t attracted to me” – coincidentally just a few days after he saw the biopsy site and helped me change the dressing). Just what you want to hear when you’re getting ready to completely alter your appearance…
  • Roommate left months ago to live with her boyfriend. I’ve slowly been spreading more of my things around, but I feel like if she comes home, she won’t have any space, so I’m constantly holding back. Mostly I just miss her company.
  • Ex-boyfriend, who swore up and down that he would be “there for me” has a crazy jealous new girlfriend who has a problem with him seeing me. I only moved to Virginia for him, no biggie. Sigh.

So, it’s been me and my Mom. She’s been taking random days off of work and hanging out with me, and that’s been nice. The meds are kind of helping, but I still feel like I want to cry every moment of every day. I’m not even sad or scared about this… I just feel so helpless and alone. I don’t want my cats to eat my face. 😦

*Edited to be made public 2/29/12*

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