brca bullshit

Aaaand my lymph nodes enter, stage RIGHT.

For months now I’ve been complaining – first to my original BS and then to my new one, that while extensive surveillance was being done on my left breast, the last time they surveyed my right breast was an MRI in April 2011 … a year ago.

So, yesterday in my pre-op meeting with my BS (which I scheduled because I wanted to be on the same page – she seemed to be really anti-straight to implant until I took my bra off, and then she was like, “oh, well, actually you are the perfect candidate for this surgery…”). I made the mistake of asking, however, if I would need any node biopsies, and that made her ponder for a moment, look over my old MRI, and then feel me up for a minute before declaring “this feels a little hard, so let’s get an MRI to be sure”. On what side was she pointing? That’s right. The right.

Sigh. MRI’s make me very sick because I’m one of the rare people who’s allergic to the galladinium they use for contrast. I get hives and all sorts of itchies and scratchies… and of course it’s scheduled for 7:30am, so I have to go to work afterwards. Oh well, at least they’re being cautious!

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