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100% Preventative

What I hadn’t thought about is that this MRI could actually be the piece that reassures me that this surgery has put me AHEAD of the cancer. All along I just assumed I’d get it eventually, whether they found it *right* before the surgery or during the surgery or whatever… but now, the MRI shows no abnormalities (except the lump they’ve biopsied the hell out of) and some small  cysts.

This surgery is now 100% preventative. No chemo. No radiation. No watching my loved ones suffer as they watch me… and I can’t help but look upward to my guardian angels and thank them. I’m ahead of it. My chance of getting breast cancer after March 27th will be 2% – below the average woman’s chance of 4%. There is a song in my heart, and I know who put it there…

I can’t *wait* to wear this shirt… like… can’t wait! 🙂

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