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Days one & two with my new boobies

All in all, I’m not in a tremendous amount of pain… I can’t definitively say that I won’t have any, or that it won’t be too much at times, but I woke up from anesthesia to my parents and my handsome man… I was feeling lucky!

The new boobs look swollen and disfigured, but I’ll let that image speak for itself, on the “graphic photos” page on this site. I think they’ll settle down nicely, and probably end up a little smaller than they were before, but I’ll be happy no matter what because of the wonderful thing I did for myself and my family.

I was discharged last night, and my Mom and I headed back here … greeted by two angry kitties! Now, one is in Caroline’s bed (since she left the door open when she came to get her bed frame), and the other is following behind me, per his traditional mama’s boy behavior. Now I’m struggling between awake and asleep wrapped in the beautiful blanket Lisa Mielke made me – so grateful for all the help given to me by so many people! Love you all!

4 thoughts on “Days one & two with my new boobies

    1. Can you see the link at the top of the page that says “Graphic Pictures”? The pictures are all on that page…but I don’t know if people can see them. I will check with WordPress’ TOS and make sure they haven’t been blocked…

  1. Yeah I tried to click on the “graphic pictures” link but it says the page I requested is unavailable (or something like that…)

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