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Post-Op with the PS

Since my PS AND BS are both out of town this week, I met with Dr. N’s Chief Resident Dr. I at the surgery center in McLean this morning. It was there that I learned three things:

1) My boobs look great. They put 500cc silicone implants in they are convinced I’m going to be happy with them.

2) I cannot OD on Valium. If I’m awake and in pain, then I can have more. I’ve been having a LOT of chest pressure and really have been feeling the muscle spasms as my primary complaint, and Dr. I said I’m not taking enough Valium or Vicodin (bless him).

3. It could be a year before my implants settle and my scars fade and all of that is settled …. but I didn’t do this for beauty – I did it for life.

Tomorrow is the post-op with the BS (or her partner Dr. B) because she’s also on spring break. Will updated tomorrow!

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