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Four Week “Boobie”versary

I’m a day late, but I’m not sure how I feel this week. I went back to work on Thursday of last week and immediately knew that was a mistake. I’m tired, I’m moving slowly, and I sure as hell can’t remember a damn thing anyone says to me… and driving fucking sucks. But, since I was so negative last week, here are some good things:

1) I met a new neighbor who very graciously carried my garbage cans for me last week because they are way too heavy for me to pull.

2) I’ve created a very effective system of taking my robe down with me, stripping in the laundry room and putting my clothes in the washer every day, so that I don’t have to carry a laundry basket… then, when J comes on Friday, all he will have to do is carry the basket up for me! 🙂

3) Even though I didn’t want to go see him, Dr. Ch, my pain management specialist, is awesome. He asked me to relay my story, and when we got to the plastic surgery visit, he blurted out “so, basically, he was an asshole?” and I laughed, agreed, and we continued with the consult. Except it wasn’t a consult… it was a full exam. He agrees that I likely have a pinched nerve as well as a considerable amount of nerve pain around my “divot” in my chest because that sunken spot has forced the nerves together and they are trying to connect harder than they were. He gave me a pain patch and it’s already starting to work – it will reach it’s full efficacy on Friday, so expect a full report then!

4) My BS finally saw me – she couldn’t get the stitch out either, but explained it was because of risk of infection and put a steri strip over it so it would stop catching on everything. Genius. She also (not-so-gently) shoved my implant back where it was supposed to be and said “the space is there, it just needs to be sewn in a different way”. When she did that, I could see how it would look exactly like the other one, and all the loose skin and wrinkles will go away. That made me feel immensely better (even though I did NOT want to have two surgeries), and hopefully it will be quick (both the surgery and the recovery) this time. She likened it to an exchange surgery, so I’m assuming those of you who have gone from expanders to implant can enlighten me more as to the pain and healing time.

5) I have an amazing family and an amazing boyfriend.

6) I have amazing friends.

7) My hand hurts at how many “thank-you” notes I’ve written … everyone was so good to me!

8) The worst is over. [EDIT: Jinxed myself there, didn’t I?!)

I didn’t take pictures yesterday because it was such a long day (I didn’t even get HOME until 9pm), but I’ll take and post them tonight….if I get home any earlier!

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