Four Months In and All I Get is This Lousy Morphine?

J and I are heading to Chicago this weekend for his Grandmother’s 90th birthday. I have never been more excited for a “vacation” because:

  1. I’ve never been to Chicago before.
  2. I get to meet the rest of his family.
  3. I have two days off of work that are non-boobie-related.
  4. I can pretend, for a minute, that I live a normal life.

Before we go, though, I wanted to see my pain doctors, and they just couldn’t seem to squeeze me in… BUT, after much fussing, complaining, and some very annoying emails, they squeezed me in for a medicine consultation, trigger point shots, and she filled out my handicap parking permit (small victories). I really don’t want to switch to an all-morphine pain killer because they have made me sick in the past, but I guess I don’t really have many options left: I either take Vicodin to remove the sharp edges and nothing more, or I branch out and try what they’re suggesting (morphine, celebrex and a topical pain reliever that sounds interesting…). Whatever will help me get through the trip without the family knowing that I’m ill/fawning over me because of it will do!

Still… 4 months, and morphine’s all they’ve got?

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