Chicago Milestone

 My J and I on the plane. While flying, I had to wear crazy-ass compression hosiery on my legs, and these silly sock-like homemade lymphodema sleeves on my arms… just in case. I hate that there’s so much “just in case” in my life, but what am I going to do?


Some of my favorite shots from the weekend… lots of fun, lots of laughing, and my first major (well, to me) milestone post-surgery: I got to hold J’s niece B. That was my favorite part of all:

I realized that if someone hands me something heavier, then I can hold it – I just can’t dead-lift from the ground. She was happy to climb into my lap and I was happy to have her… it’s hard to leave such a sweet, supportive, loving group of smiling faces — with any luck, one day, they will be my family too.

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