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Who has two thumbs and ain’t gettin’ any doctor love?

One guess.

My appointment with the plastic surgeon has now been cancelled FOUR times. I understand he’s a great surgeon. I understand that I’m not an emergency (to anyone, really), and I understand that his assistant doesn’t have any control over what happens in the operating room… but still. Fuck this.

My Mom took off work to take me! Ugh! Anyway, we’re going to try next Monday at 9:30am – last chance. If that gets cancelled, then I’m done. I don’t really care that much about left anyway… unless it will fix this awful pain.

Also, the court case that I was hoping to be postponed is on like donkey kong – in one week, I will have to stare down my mortal enemy and tell people what he did to me and my coworkers. Grrr.

I have an appointment with my Psychiatrist tonight … I’m pretty sure she’s going to sense the mental breakdown coming on: holidays + pain + no money + not spending Christmas with my family or singing at mass = a giant, awful mess in my head.

This is how I feel right now:

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